2018 Was The Year American Women Embraced Their Inner Witch


Double, double toil and trouble ― watch the rise of witchery bubble. Those interested in religion and spirituality have noticed that 2018 was a landmark year for the visibility of ancient natural religions, and those who are drawn to their principles and practices.

Call it the Season of the Witch. While there are male witches, and always have been, the latest upsurge in witchcraft is largely a chick-and-genderfluid thing ― a spiritual seeking turbocharged by affinity with the supernatural and belief in the sacred feminine and the divine androgyne.

Maybe you’ve noticed the resurgence of interest in ethereal songwriter Stevie Nicks and ’90s teen cult fave “The Craft,” and noticed that every time you see your teenage cousin, she’s walking around the house with a smudge stick of white sage and a deck of SerpentFire tarot cards wrapped in a silk scarf.

Maybe you saw one of the many news reports about the hex that a group of witches placed on newly appointed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh in a Brooklyn occult shop.

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