10 mistakes people make online


Ever click something in an email or on the web and right afterward thought, “Boy, that was dumb.” You’re not alone. Every week on my national radio show, I take calls from people just like you who know better but make common tech faux pas.

Sure, I tell people how to find a hidden GPS tracker in their car or how to hide their browsing history from their ISP so they don’t sell their data. But I have noticed a trend of people making fairly common mistakes online that often have devastating results.

Whether you’re a seasoned tech pro or just getting the hang of this digital life, take a look at this list of 10 mistakes people make online, along with do-it-yourself security tips. Knowledge is power, and with today’s surge in online scams and crime, you have to stay vigilant.

1. Believing in internet luck

I can’t stress this point enough. If you get an email asking you to participate in a survey or a pitch for a money-making opportunity that you didn’t sign up for, know that email spam is surging and there are ways to protect yourself.

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